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An detailed guide on financial reporting for businesses

Learn about Tally professional 2 

TallyEssential is the course created for your professional progress if you are a newbie in the Accounting and Finance area. It covers subjects ranging from fundamental to advanced financial accounting ideas.

Your accounting and financial career will start off on a solid footing thanks to the numerous ideas that are presented through drawings, self-learning videos, and actual industry-based scenarios.

Your understanding of basic to intermediate accounting, inventory management, basic taxation (GST, TDS), and the simplification of company books of accounts, to mention a few, would be improved by taking this course. To keep you up to date with the current versions, the practical applications will be performed using the new TallyPrime software. Find a partner close to you to enrol in this course.

tally professional course 2 in Salem


Basic to advanced financial accounting principles are covered in the TallyEssential course. Three levels are offered. The topics addressed at each level are listed in the section below

Accounts Executive (Statutory Compliance), Accounts Executive (Payroll)

  1. Recording Advanced GST Transactions

  2. Advanced TDS Transactions Recording:

  3. Tax is gathered at Source (TCS)

  4. Taxes on income and payroll

What Makes This Course Special?

This course's major objective has been to teach Tally ERP 9 along with the knowledge and application of the GST Concept. The student will pay close attention to the execution of the GST idea and the taxes concept utilising the Tally courses in Pune methodologies, which involve processing and recording transaction inputs. Learning how to process and execute the GST Concept from our Financial Mentor is a great lot in and of itself, making the course exceptional and beneficial for potential future careers.

tally professional course II

Tally Professional II

Section 1: Recording Advanced GST Transactions

The introduction to the E-Way Bill, GST e-Invoicing, recording GST-compliant transactions such as intrastate and interstate supply of goods and services, purchases from unregistered dealers, purchases from composition dealers, accounting mixed supply and composite supply, supply of exempted/nil-rated goods, supply of goods to special economic zones (SEZ), supply of goods to other territories, supply of goods to unregistered dealers, and more are covered in this chapter. Export of Goods, Advance Receipt, Generating E-Invoice Reports, Generating E-Way Bill Reports, Input Tax Credit Set Off Against Liability, GST Tax Payment, Reversal of Input Tax Credit, and Generating and E-Filing GST Returns in Tally are some of the topics covered by the Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST.

Section 2:  Advanced TDS Transactions Recording

ntroduction to Tax Deducted at Source, Recording TDS Compliant Transactions, including Booking Expenses and Deducting TDS in the Journal Voucher, TDS Transaction for Software Purchase, TDS on Sales Commission and Deducting TDS, Accounting TDS on Capital Expenditure, Accounting for TDS on Advance Payments and Adjusting Advances towards Bill, Purchase Escalation after Recording TDS Transaction, Reversal/Cancellation of Expenses with TDS, and TDS on TDS on Reimbursement of Expenses (Pure Agent), TDS Payment to Department, Generating and E-Filing Form 26Q, Accounting Direct Payment and Deducting TDS, Accounting Multiple Expenses and Deducting TDS Later,TRACES Portal, Form 27Q, and Keeping Books of Accounts as a Deductee.

Section 3:Source Tax Collection (TCS)

Introduction to Tax Collected at Source, Recording TCS Compliant Transactions such as Sales of TCS Goods on Accrual Basis, Sales of TCS Goods at Lower Rate/Nil Rate, Sales of TCS Goods at Higher Tax Rate (Under Section 206CCA), Accounting for TCS on Advance Receipts and Adjusting Advances towards Bill, Payment to Department, Generating and E-Filing Form 27EQ, and Main Topics are covered in this chapter.

Section 4:Payroll and Income Tax 

This chapter explains, using real-world examples, how to record transactions like as receipts, contras, payments, purchases, sales, debit notes, credit notes, and journal vouchers.with regard to Income Tax, Payroll Reports, Statutory Reports on Payroll (such as Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance, Professional Tax, Gratuity, Income Tax Reports, and E-Filing Income Tax Returns), and Income Tax Reports Generation.


To guarantee that you have a wonderful learning experience, our courses contain dynamic and fascinating ideas and material delivery.


You may study the material via interactive video and text in a hybrid learning module.


Digital material includes instructional films, quizzes, infographics, and explanation videos to provide a fun learning environment.


certification will be offered to help you stand out from the competition and further your career.


You will be given case studies on "Real Life Business Scenarios" before you finish the courses.

Substantial Ideas most common requests and reactions

Who is eligible to enroll in the course?

For students who want to start their own business or develop a successful profession in accounting, finance, taxation, or banking, this course material comes highly recommended. To enrol in TallyEssential, one must have passed their PUC or 12th grade.

Does this course need any in-person attendance at any classes, or is it entirely online?

Candidates have a choice between attending classes in person or online.

so how do DO I Register FOR THIS COURSE?

Through our network of partners, which is spread out across the nation and the world, you may sign up for the course. Find a partner close by and sign up for the training right now.


One must have finished their 12th or PUC in any stream in order to enrol in TallyEssential. You may then enrol in the course because it has been created in the best and most straightforward manner that is compatible with the brand-new TallyPrime software.


A thorough certification programme is TallyEssential. It covers subjects ranging from fundamental to advanced financial accounting ideas. It has three tiers and the material is in line with what the market needs right now, making it a favourite among businesses.


TallyEssential is a progressive learning programme that covers fundamental to advanced principles. Therefore, it is usually advised to go gradually in order to get the most out of the course.

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