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   A detailed guide to private company accounting

What happens after the training about Tally Software Update?

We always consult with financial tycoons and leaders and keep revising our syllabus accordingly, so even after the change occurred, students are kindly requested to visit our site and follow the most recent blog posts on the account section or follow our YouTube Channel and Vlogs. Due to changes in financial and yearly budgeting, it is possible that after some time there is a change in Accounting and Taxation Rules that affects the addition of new features in Tally Software.

tally essential course II in Salem


Basic to advanced financial accounting principles are covered in the TallyEssential course. Three levels are offered. The topics addressed at each level are listed in the section below

Tally  Essential II

Now there learning resources available in Tally Essential II are

  1. Storage and Inventory Classification

  2. Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable

  3. Management of Purchase and Sales Orders

  4. Monitoring Additional Purchase Costs

  5. Tax on Goods and Services

  6. Managing Cost/Profit Centers

  7. Plans and Budgets

  8. Report Creation and Printing

tally essential II

Tally  Essential II

Section 1: Storage and Inventory Classification

You can better comprehend inventory after reading this chapter. The establishment of inventory masters, including Stock Groups, Stock Categories, Warehouses, and Batches, is also covered.

Section 2:  Management of Accounts Receivable and Payable

The fundamentals and concepts of outstanding management are covered in this chapter. Bill-wise real-world business scenarios are enabled on the examples given for the references New Reference, Against Reference, Advance Reference, and On Account Reference, along with the features of Bill Settlement and Credit Limit.

Section 3:Management of Sales and Purchase Orders

This chapter covers placing an order, handling rejections, raising an invoice against the order, and finishing it with receipts and payments. It also discusses managing the sales and purchase cycle

Section 4:Tracking Additional Purchase Costs 

How to sustain additional expenditures acquired upon stock acquisition is covered in this chapter.

Section 5:Goods and Services Tax

The chapter covers a variety of subjects, such as GST Tax Payment, Input Tax Credit Set Off Against Liability, E-Way Bill Report in Tally, and Recording GST Compliant Transactions.

Section 6: Budgets and Scenarios

This chapter describes how to manage budgets and scenarios in Tally.

Section 7: Create and print reports

The generation and printing of all Tally books and registers, including inventory reports, is covered in this chapter.

Section 8: Cost/Profit Centers Management 

This chapter explains how to automatically distribute cost centres by defining cost centre classes in Tally and updating the reports immediately after recording transactions. It also explains how to allocate costs and earnings to various cost units within an organisation.


To guarantee that you have a wonderful learning experience, our courses contain dynamic and fascinating ideas and material delivery.


You may study the material via interactive video and text in a hybrid learning module.


Digital material includes instructional films, quizzes, infographics, and explanation videos to provide a fun learning environment.


You will be given case studies on "Real Life Business Scenarios" before you finish the courses.


certification will be offered to help you stand out from the competition and further your career.

Substantial Ideas most common requests and reactions

Tally Course prepares you for the future.

The Tally Accounting Job is now one of the most profitable career options, and it is especially rewarding for experts in the finance and accounting sectors.

Can I enrol in the Demo class?

You are welcome to attend a tally demo session. Complete the registration form by yourself.

After taking a Tally course, get better pay.

The average salary for an accountant in India ranges from 2 to 10 lacs a year, depending on the candidate's background, experience, and employment.

Are there any tally courses offered online?

The tally training course is indeed accessible online. The industry criteria are specifically met through online tally training. Additionally, only seasoned specialists are frequently used to lead the training sessions.

Learn Tally from Professional Faculty

At the Nextz Technologies Institute, you may receive hands-on instruction from Chartered Accountants with extensive industry experience, MBAs, and Advocates.

How come Nextz technologies should teach me Tally ERP?

You may study both the fundamental and more complex principles of accounting, taxation, income tax, GST, tally, and payroll with the aid of  practical tally training.


Examine our selection of courses and certifications that are well regarded in the business and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Tally Essential  course

This global course aids students in grasping the fundamental ideas of computerised accounting with Tally.

Tally Professional course

An exhaustive guide on Tax Deducted at Source is provided in this specialist course (TDS).

TDS  Using tally

With scenarios for global marketplaces,this courseware covers all aspects of Basic to Intermediate Accounting.

VAT using Tally

This worldwide courseware provides comprehensive coverage of GCC VAT, its ideas, and its application.

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