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Introduction of Tally  course  in  Nextz Te chnoogies

With the introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax), we conducted a survey of the educational sector and extracted the most valuable information by compiling GST Study into Tally, which demonstrates the completion of all necessary knowledge during the real-time job, third-party profession work, or personal work. Enroll at Nextz Technologies for the Best Tally with GST Certificate Course in Salem. The Nextz Technologies Institute's Tally Training Tally Course In Salem is entirely centred on live practicals with the aid of well-equipped and specialised Computer Labs. We already have the most recent Tally software installed in the systems for the sake of excellence and trends, allowing students to work directly on large-scale accounting projects during the sessions. 

tally essential course III in Salem


Basic to advanced financial accounting principles are covered in the TallyEssential course. Three levels are offered. The topics addressed at each level are listed in the section below

Tally  Essential III

  • Tax on Goods and Services

  • Tax Is Withheld at Source

  • Data Management for Business

  • Transitioning to the Next Financial Year

tally essential course III

Tally  Essential III

Section 1: Goods and Services Tax,

This chapter addresses the Goods and Services Tax and allows for the recording of intrastate and interstate transactions, purchases and sales returns with GST supplies inclusive of tax, purchases from composition dealers, exports, and the supply of exempted goods, as well as the process of adjusting input credit against available liability making tax payments to the government and generating GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B in Tally. The essential transactions and return-generating methods of the composition dealer are also explained in this chapter.

Section 2: Tax Deducted at Source 

This chapter addresses Tax Deducted at Source and provides the ability to configure TDS at various levels, record Basic TDS transactions, pay TDS to the government, produce TDS challans, and produce TDS reports.

Section 3:Business Data Management 

This chapter discusses Open Database Connectivity and Export and Import (ODBC).

Section 4:Moving on to the Next Financial Year 

Export and import, splitting companies, and group companies are all covered in this chapter.


To guarantee that you have a wonderful learning experience, our courses contain dynamic and fascinating ideas and material delivery.


You may study the material via interactive video and text in a hybrid learning module.


Digital material includes instructional films, quizzes, infographics, and explanation videos to provide a fun learning environment.


certification will be offered to help you stand out from the competition and further your career.


You will be given case studies on "Real Life Business Scenarios" before you finish the courses.

Substantial Ideas most common requests and reactions

Who is eligible to enroll in the course?

You receive a certificate for each level if you enrol in a level-based course. An individual certificate will be given if you enrol in TallyEssential as a single course.


Through our nationwide and international partner network, you may sign up for the course. Find a partner close by and sign up for the training right now.

Trainer with extensive industry experience

 Reputable working experts will mentor the students. They will also provide actual Case Studies, Companies Accounts, and Reports to work on so that you may become an expert in handling all the data, report production, etc., in addition to guiding you on Tally practical and GST principles and its implementation procedure.

Study Material

To aid in comprehension, our students will receive top-notch study guides created in collaboration with SevenMentor Institute and Tally. The candidate may also use online resources to study Tally in order to discover any solutions to any questions that came up throughout the training.


The pricing of the course is quite reasonable. We would advise you to LOCATE A PARTNER and join right away. You have the choice to sign up with our partners right away and pay later. Check the information to learn more.

Practical Setting

In addition to classroom instruction, the candidate will have access to specialised computer laboratories for practise with Tally software.

Array of different Course

Examine our selection of courses and certifications that are well regarded in the business and choose the one that best meets your needs.

Tally Essential  course

This global course aids students in grasping the fundamental ideas of computerised accounting with Tally.

Tally Professional course

An exhaustive guide on Tax Deducted at Source is provided in this specialist course (TDS).

TDS  Using tally

With scenarios for global marketplaces,this courseware covers all aspects of Basic to Intermediate Accounting.

VAT using Tally

This worldwide courseware provides comprehensive coverage of GCC VAT, its ideas, and its application.

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